The Yaewman

The Yaewman prowls the night shores of The Farbank, ferrying even the most wretched souls if they can pay the toll. His cursed gondola is accompanied by a rolling black fog, cracked with frantic slivers of lightning and filled with the mournful groans of his damned minions. Just a single gold token will grant passage across The Farbank for the night. But beware, those who overstay their welcome are tossed overboard, damned to join the ranks of his Dredges, trawling up their debt from the water’s floor.

My goal with the Yaewman was to explore silhouette and shape in my character design. Having recently played through the Supergiant Games’ Hades, I found myself inspired by their depiction of Charon, and sought to explore my own world of Farbank and its own version of the boatman.

The spotlight eyes and the frail, withered form were meant to elicit a sense of unfathomable age and a sort of inescapable presence. The transition between life and death is arguably the most important journey one can make, thus I believe the one who ferries souls along such a journey would see a great deal of wealth offering his services. Decked out in gold and royal silks, the Yaewman is meant to carry a subtle air of royalty.