Standing Bear Soccer

During my time at Lexa Sport, I had the opportunity to help Standing Bear High School, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, design a crest for their soccer team. They reached out to us in order to help them define themselves as a new school and new team, not only with the custom uniforms they would wear, but the crest they would represent as well. They sought a classic look that would not only fit within the school’s branding requirements, but also embody the pride and distinguished style found in so many professional club logos. Below are a few of the examples provided for what they wanted their logo styled after.

Untitled Artwork

While the initial sketches missed the mark slightly in terms of staying true to original school logo below, the client was excited with the initial ideas. They clarified that the original logo’s design needed to remain intact, though the individual parts, such as the shield, bear, and text, could be separated as we pleased.

Once we confirmed what details needed to be revised to ensure the design requirements were met, I moved onto deliverable revisions.

The final revisions below were refined and presented to the client for their final selection. In addition to the client’s requirements, I also had to consider manufacturing for these logos. In order to ensure that woven and silicon badges would turn out well with the design, details had to be precise and intentional, and they couldn’t be too minute that they would either be lost or disruptive in final production.