MGK Academy

Since starting with MGK Academy – a Dallas-based soccer training program – I have not only helped young goalkeepers learn and pursue their goals, but I have also managed our social media and created content (like the ad you see above), organized camps and events, and built our new website from scratch after a rebrand in the summer of 2023. Screenshots and mockups are one thing, but you can find the website (and links to our socials) in all its glory here.

MGK Mac mock 2
MGK iPad mock 3
MGK iPad mock 4

Alongside my former coach, Matt, I help run Montayne Goalkeeper Academy. While I was at first helping him coach and run sessions, my role has continued throughout my tenure as we rebranded, continued to grow, and set about promoting and growing the business into something that will transcend the day-to-day work that we do and establish a legacy of incredible goalkeepers developed out of Dallas and playing everywhere beyond.

As that growth has continued, I’ve moved beyond simply helping to manage a weekly training schedule, but to also establish and maintain a presence beyond word of mouth – namely through our website, emails, and social media. It’s been a tremendous learning experience, pushing me to learn new skills, as well as manage and teach others to ensure our business and content goals are met consistently. In addition to the programs within my comfort zone like Photoshop and Illustrator, I’ve also been challenged to develop my skills in photography, SEO, videography and video-editing, as well as content-management and advertising software.