Witchpriest: Shadeweaver

The Witchpriests are an occult sect of magicians in service to a dark master. They have been known to offer their allegiance as spies, advisors, and assassins to those with whom their goals align, though their true purpose is always to further their own efforts. Theirs is an alliance of convenience, and no agenda takes precedent over their own.

Shadeweavers are Witchpriests with a particular affinity for shadows and all that which the dark is witness to. They spin shadows and secrets like silk, bending the shadows to their will. These dark sorcerers reshape their own shadows into ravens and hounds to spy, hunt, and attack. They can even turn your own shadow against you, drawing secrets from the very thing meant to shroud and protect them. No place is safe from a Shadeweaver’s influence, for the shadows are witness to even the brightest moments.

My goal with the Shadeweaver was to capture the “creepy priest of darkness” vibe that had been lodged in my head since I’d come up with the idea for a game. With such a strong initial concept and understanding of what this character was and what they could do, my challenge was not designing how they look, so much as it was communicating what I already knew about them. I challenged myself with depth and light on this character (I know, the irony is not lost on me), and I was pleased with how I faired in my efforts.